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Onyekachi Nwabuko Discusses How the Real Estate Investment Landscape Has Changed in 2022

The real estate industry has been in flux for over a decade now, as the recession and other factors have made it difficult to invest. However, Onyekachi Nwabuko, a real estate investor from Tampa, Florida, believes that there are still many viable options for those willing to look.

Dr. Onyekachi Nwabuko Discusses His Successful Career In Medicine and His New Business

Emergency medicine physician Dr. Onyekachi Nwabuko grew up in the Chicago and NW Indiana area. After graduating from the University of Chicago, Dr. Nwabuko attended medical school in Cambridge, UK before returning to the U.S.A to complete his medical training at the University of South Carolina in Greenville.

Onyekachi Nwabuko Discusses The Top 5 Real Estate Investing Books You Should Read in 2022

The real estate market has been booming in recent years, and it’s only expected to get better. The question is- how do you make sure your money is working for you? This article will go over five books that every real estate investor should read to understand investment basics.

Exclusive Interview with Onyekachi Nwabuko Doctor

Onyekachi Nwabuko is an ER doctor in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Alongside a successful career in medicine, he is also an investor and uses real estate as a way to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up, he was deeply interested in helping others, which naturally led him to medical school.

Things Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Starting Their First Business

Starting a business is not as easy as it may seem. There are many things entrepreneurs need to know before starting their first business. To be successful, Onyekachi Nwabuko, an entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida, understands that you need to have a clear vision, execute your plan and have the drive and determination to see your business through.

Dr. Onyekachi Nwabuko Discusses His Medical Career In Exclusive Online Interview

Dr. Onyekachi Nwabuko is an emergency room physician with over thirteen years experience in the medical field. In a recent online interview, Dr. Nwabuko shares challenges he has faced as a professional while discussing some of his latest business endeavors.